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Services Offered

Residential Home Inspections

Augusta Area Home Inspections provides residential single family home inspections for both buyers and sellers. Our inspector Chris, is a Certified Professional Inspector with the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) and can provide you with a full inspection that will help you in buying your dream home or selling your existing one.


For buyers, there are numerous advantages to having a Certified Professional Inspector provide you with a detailed health and safety home inspection on your potentially new home.

  1. Knowing what the inspectors observed safety issues are allows you, as the buyer, to know what potential issues and/or required repairs are may be used as leverage against the selling price.

  2. You can also use the information in the inspectors report  to request that the seller fix some or all of the problem areas before agreeing to a price and closing.


There is one primary benefit of hiring a home inspector before you list your property for sale; and that is getting a detailed report from the inspector that provides you with any observed health and safety issues which you can then use for a number of different reasons, such as:

  1. Fixing the inspectors observed health and safety issues prior to putting your home on the market; therefore, allowing you to get top dollar for you sold home.

  2. Knowing the inspectors observed health and safety issues ahead of time allows you to know what potential buyers may use as leverage against your asking price.

  3. Knowing the inspectors observed issues with your home can help you and your realtor set a realistic asking price that can help sell your house faster. 


  1. Hiring a Certified Professional Inspector can actually help save you money in the long term by bringing to light any potential safety or health hazards.

  2. Even if you didn't hire a home inspector when you purchased your home, its never to late. Hiring a home inspector after you've purchased you home can still help provide you with the same benefits as hiring one pre-purchase. A post inspection report will still provide you any potential health and/or safety issues within your home.

View Sample Inspection Report

Residential Radon Air Testing

The State of Maine requires that any person that evaluates, advertises to perform or evaluate tests for the presence of radon in buildings or on building sites must be registered with the State of Maine's Center for Disease Control & Prevention (MeCDC) Division of Environmental Health.


Augusta Area Home Inspections has fulfilling the requirements set forth by State of Maine's Center for Disease Control & Prevention to become a registered Radon Service Provider, and has been provided as registration number of SMC362. You can click on the button below to be taken to the State of Maine Radon Service Provider search, simply input the registration number listed above.


We are now available to provide you with radon air testing for your home whether or not it is for a real estate purchase you want to make or you want to testing your existing home, we can help.

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